2024 Anhyzer Discs Tour

Tour Schedule

We are excited to announce the official launch of the Anhyzer Discs business and brand as well as the 2024 Tour and plan. Anhyzer Discs is run by Anhyzer Solutions LLC and will be hosting and vending for over 10+ PDGA sanctioned events in the 2024 season.

Anhyzer Discs will be vending and offering player payout out of a custom built mobile store that is able to be hauled around to each event stop. Payout value will be able to be held and accrued throughout the year and can be used at any tour stop. We will also be launching our online store that will have some limited drops you can use your accrued payout on. Those purchases can either be picked up at an event or shipped straight to your door.

Tour Rewards

You can win rewards just by playing the events! Get out there and play as many as you can!